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Hey there, everyone. I hope it's okay that I make this post here, I promise it's TH related to a point lol.

Some of you know me as teufel/starfruit_icons. I've been out of the TH loop for a few years now. I left LJ in the midst of its demise/when Tumblr was making its presence known, and I eventually fell out of love with TH during all that.

I've kind of made my way back, but everything seems to have changed so drastically! I was hoping to find some people who could re-introduce me to things going on with the band, make some friends again (if not here, then wherever the cool kids hang now lol), and just get back in the swing of things in the TH world.

I apologize if this post makes absolutely no sense, I'm nervous and my neck hurts?

Also, I want to tag this post per y'alls instructions, but I have no idea what tags to use since this is less band-intensive...?
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